Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Plastic Debate

Dear Hastings District Council,

Don’t you think that there are too many plastic bags floating around Hawke’s Bay? I think that plastic bags should be banned from New Zealand.

Plastic bags are deadly and can get blown away with the wind, causing them to end up in the ocean. Sinking down to the bottom because of getting filled with water. Fish swim around and get caught in them. Causing them to die. Turtles, dolphins, pelicans and penguins too.  

Have you heard of reusable bags? The ones made of fabric. Those are the ones we should use. Every household should have at least ten of them. My mum thinks that we should as well. They save trees and animals.

Why should we use plastic bags? Well we shouldn’t because they don’t break down in a landfill and get stuck on animals and they suffocate to death. I’m only 11 and I know that!

I think that we should ban all plastic bags from New Zealand and keep this country beautiful! Ban plastic bags and make more reusable material bags.

Yours Sincerely
Katherine Levick. Parkvale School Hawkes Bay.

This is my plastic persuading. After you read it make a comment and choose what side you're on.

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