Friday, June 8, 2012

Blog Review on Felicity's blog!! :D

This is my blog review on Flossie's blog. I like it because it has a really cool background and her post are really awesome. It has a lot of awesome post and lots of comments. Here is the link to her blog.


Felicity has done really well on her blog with posts. Make heaps of comments and keep looking at her blog! Here is a comment I did on her blog. 
Floss is a cool girl and check out her posts that she puts on.


  1. Great Kazza
    What is your favourite thing about Flossy blog?

    1. Thanks Trina.
      My favorite thing on Flossiful's blog is Mr Hotdog. Because he is funny.

  2. I agree Flossies blog is really cool. Well done I like this post it is really cool I like the fact that you added some screen shots. Did you enjoy making this blog post?

    Well done and keep up the awesome work!:O :D

    From Lizard :)