Monday, July 9, 2012

The Auckland Mouse and the Hawke's Bay Mouse

The Auckland Mouse and the Hawke’s Bay Mouse
Based on The Town mouse and the Country Mouse
Let me tell you about two mice that one day decided to visit each other.
Once upon a time an Auckland mouse caught a plane to Hawke’s Bay to visit his cousin. Now this mouse had name and it was Lucas. His cousin’s name was Tim.
Luke (short for his real name) had on his new suit he got from the drycleaners, a suitcase with some of his summer clothes and some more suits because Auckland mousey was going to stay in sunny Hawke’s Bay for a week.
Luke set off on his way to The Fruit Bowl Hawke’s Bay via Taupo for a stop. Down in the Bay Tim was preparing his mouse hole for his cousin coming.
He was moving his furniture round and dusting, vacuuming and he was also making Mac and Cheese for tea. He just finished vacuuming before his cousin knocked on the door.
“Hello there Timmy! I haven't seen you in ages!”
“Same here Lucas!” replied Tim. They sat down and Luke explained about his city he lives in and about his job. “My mouse hole is amazing! It is very flash with wall lights and a cheese oven! Maybe your mousehole needs a bit of a spruce up! Come to Auckland with me and you will find out really how to live!”
They set out on their adventure to Auckland! 

“Now this is my mousehole. See, see, see I got my own letterbox! That is FLASH!  Ooh! Mail. Shall we go inside Timmy?”
“Yes we shall! But can we have a look around the outside your mousehole?” replied Tim.
“Ah... Yes we can. Follow me!”
So Tim followed Luke to the back yard. There he saw his garden, trees, maze and spa! (Complete with staff and massages.) Pool, BBQ area and Outside lounge.
“This is all so flash Lukey but how much did this all cost?” complimented Tim.
“Umm well I have a job and I make money because I am 2IC at Shortland Street hospital and I don’t mean to brag but I get hundred dollars a fortnight. So that is how I can get all of this and still pay the bills!!”
After Tim had seen the outside it was time for the inside and for some tea of ‘Luke’s Surprise!’. A special mix of food. “So how did you like the back yard Timmy?”
“It was awesome, but do you have any cattle or sheep? I do in my backyard.”
Lucas hesitated for a minute and then said “Well no but you have because you live on a farm! Dah!”

At last a week flew by and it was time for Tim to go back down to Hawkes Bay and buy some flash stuff for his house but not too flash.

“I’ll miss you Cuz!” says Lucas.
“I will too Lukey. We might have to catch up next month,” replied Tim.

The next month Lucas drove down to Hawke’s Bay and the two caught up again.


This is my retelling of The Town Mouse and Country Mouse. I did it at home and did some of it at school. It is based on The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse. This is the New Zealand version. Hope you like it!


  1. Wow Kazza this is really cool.
    I like that it is a New Zealand version.
    A mouse country sounds cool, I wish I could go and meet some of the little critters:)

    1. Thanks Flossiful.
      I might do some art to go with the story or even make a book like I did last year.

    2. Wow that sounds really cool Kazza:) Can't wait for you to make one!

  2. This was a great idea, Katherine.

    Retelling a famous story and using Hawke's Bay and Auckland instead of country and city is very clever! You can tell by reading it that you really enjoyed writing it. Keep up the original writing posts!

    1. Thanks Mr Moriarty!
      I did have fun writing it and I might either do some art or a book like we did last year when we were retelling fairytales.

  3. Wow Kazza!
    The retelling is so great! I read it to my cousin Pippa and she really enjoyed it. That was a great idea to retell a really good book and make it really interesting. Keep up the great work. :)

  4. Wow Kazza!
    This is a great story. I like how you did it your way and changed it to the New Zealand version. Well done:)

    1. Thanks Tasha!
      I love the story of The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse and I decided to change it a bit to the New Zealand version.

  5. Cool Kazza
    I like your story becase you made your own story
    but based on a real story.

    1. Thank-you Alex!
      There is going to be another one coming soon.

  6. Wow Kazza.
    I love your story it is amazing!
    What made you write this story?

    1. Thanks lots Pazza!
      I read the original one and then I decided to do a Kiwi version.