Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Production Diary from 24/08/12 to 3/09/12

Here is a video of our new moves with some of the originals as well.

Hello my name is Kaz and this is my production diary. I am in dance with Abbie, Crystal and Jemma. Our song is Stereo Hearts by Gym class heros and featuring Adam Levine

24/08/12 Rehearsing, half an hour since school started.

Dear Diary

Today I was in class and then Abbie came in and asked if she could have me for half an hour. I followed her to the hall and sort of skipped up the steps. I was thinking: “ Holy crab, we are doing our dance here in front of some people. Hope we don’t mess up!”. We waited and watched Hannah, Charlotte, Olivia and Lilly do their dance. They finished their dance, it was so cool. Our turn.

24/08/12 Rehearsing one hour since school started.

Dear Diary

Lovely! Our dance we mucked it up, in front of the whole team. Mrs Hodgson walked us out and took us to her room to practise. We found that it was really... what’s the word? Thats it, boring. We decided to take out a few parts like the half bridge, Chrystal’s flip, Abbie’s walkover, handstand and cartwheel into bridge. We added in heaps of other moves.  

Here is a video of our new moves.

30/08/12 Rehearsing, half an hour since school started.

Dear Diary

I haven’t written in here because I have been too tired to write and there has been
Today we did another whole production practise and Miss Hill’s Itunes had a network problem so it didn’t have the right song that Miss Garland cut. She had to cut it because we didn’t do the rap and the second chorus so we stop at the rap. It was pretty short but we still got clapped for.  We had a lunchtime practise. Everyone who was waiting for their turn was dancing to the dances that were on stage. It was so funny to watch them on the floor doing our dance I couldn’t help giggling half way through. Abbie had tell me off.

3/09/12 Dress Rehearsal ten minutes since school started

Dear Diary

I LOVED IT!! It was so cool how went along it smoothly apart from some people talking and interrupting.  The first show is tonight and I am so excited!!!! =0 =D. Mum has already bought the tickets to tonight’s show. I can’t wait for it. We have to arrive at school at twenty past six at night. I don’t know what else to write. Wait a minute.  One minute later. I know what else to write! We have the lights up in the hall already so when we are dancing the lights are changing colour. I also  found out that we are going to have different coloured hair and eyeshadow. Abbie is purple, Jemma is pink, Crystal is green and I am blue!

We have been so busy with the production we even have a writing diary we can fill out. Here is my one from the 24th of August to the 3rd of September.


  1. Awesome Kazza.
    This is amazing the video is awesome and so cool.
    Your dance groups moves are spectacular.
    Your diary is so cool, it sounds like you are having fun.
    How was the first two nights of the production?

  2. Katherine your dance was incredible your group did so well we are very proud of you :-)

  3. Cool Kazza. Your dance is so cool if I was in dance I would love be in your group.

  4. Well done Katherine.
    Your production diary is so awesome and true.
    Thats a cool video too.
    Good Job.
    From Brody.

  5. Wow Katherine I love your diary It it really cool I like the video that you added well done and keep up the awesome work!:o :D

    From Lizard:)

  6. Wow Katherine your dance is great and it has some awesome tricks in there well done.

  7. Grate diary kazz! i agree with all you said.
    The video looks GRATE!
    PS: You did so well in the production! Grate attitude.