Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A journey through a Tunnel of trees, Chapter two, a mystery to solve

Chapter two, A mystery to solve

Casey and I are walking down the path before we hear something behind us. We stop and I say “I think I know what that is.”
“So do I,” Casey says.
We spin round slowly and find the big monster five paces following us. I nudge Case with my arm and say “Run.”

I run with Lizard not far behind me to the same tree I hid behind the first I time met the big thing. Casey steps out and I say “CASEY DON’T!”
Too late. She gets picked up and thrown into the electric fence. I use magic to make the monster run away.

I run over to Casey to make sure she is too badly hurt. She is awake but only a little. I ring Mum to come get us. “Mum said she will come in about an hour,” I say to Casey.

An hour passes and Mum is still not here. In the paddock we see a cow. “Moo!” it says
“Hello! My name is Flossie the cow. I am so lonely here. I want someone to be my friend, or friends.”
Casey and I both say  “Why can the cow talk?”
“I can talk because a witch put a spell on me. I am really a normal girl like you two. Now, what is the problem over here girlies?”  Flossie says.
“Casey has been thrown into the fence and has been hurt but it isn’t that bad. My Mum isn’t here yet so could I put her on your back and you take her to my house?” I say.
“Who? Your mum or Casey?”
“Uh, Casey of course. She is the one hurt here!”
“Oh yeah. I knew that!”
“No you didn’t!”

“Just get Casey on my back.”

We get home, me, Lizard and Flossie the cow.  I put Case on the couch.
“What can we do to turn you back into a normal girl again?” I say to Flossie.
“I was watching when Fred threw your friend into the fence and then you used magic to frighten him off. I was wondering if you can use some of that magic to turn me back into a normal girl again. MOO!”
“Is Fred the big hairy monster?” I ask.
“Yes he is.” Flossie says.
“Ok, I will use my magic to you back into a normal girl again.”

My magic goes. Then suddenly, very suddenly, a girl appears and she says,  “IT WORKED! I AM A NORMAL GIRL AGAIN! Thank you Kazzie.”
“Your welcome. Do you know everything about Fred and could you possible tell us?” I say.
“I can but you will have to listen carefully because I get a little mucked up. I have only been a cow for two years and Fred has been around for at least fifteen years. If someone is walking down the road he would come out and follow them then at the right time he would start running after them then once Fred has caught up to them he would throw them into the fence and the person would be injured plus no one would know and the person would slowly die a horrible death.”
“Lucky Casey wasn’t one of them.” I say.
“Are talking about me? I think you are because I am so

“Yeah we are Lizard. I think we need to find a bit more information about Fred. Will it be on the internet?”
“Might be. I don’t know.”

“I have an idea!” I say. “We go out tonight at twelve o'clock and try and find Fred. Then I will use some magic and make Fred tell us why he does all these things he does. It will last for about an hour and a half. Sound like a plan?”
Everyone says it is.  
We go out at twelve o'clock and wait till we hear Fred.

This is the second chapter of ‘A journey through a Tunnel of trees’. Don’t too freaked out about our safety when we try to find Fred. Hope you like my writing and please comment.



  1. Great work Kazzie. I really love your writing and cannot wait for the next chapter. Well done:) I like it how you put your friends in the story!

  2. Wow Katherine.
    That is amazing. Well done. :)

  3. Awesome Kazza!
    I love chapter 2 it is amazing, I can't wait for chapter 3.
    Well Done!