Friday, June 22, 2012

Letter to Vicky M Jones.

Dear Vicky M Jones

Hi, my name is Kazza. (Thats my nickname. My actual name is Katherine.) I am in a digital class and typing a letter to you of your book ‘Buddy’.  A digital class is a normal class but we all have netbooks that are our own. I am 11 years old and going to Parkvale School Hastings New Zealand.

Our class just finished reading your wonderful book ‘Buddy’.
It was very touching and sad. The chapter ‘Going for gold’ was awesome. My favorite part was when Chantal gave Shane a turn down and said that she rather walk to her bike and carry her own bag by herself. When we read that part all the girls were like “Turned down!” It was so funny. I have written a story before last year that we turned into a book.

I love your book and it is very intriguing. If I had to choose what to read I would choose ‘Buddy’.  How do you come up with all these ideas? The book didn’t say what the accident of Buddy (Jake) was. What was it that made him disabled?  Was it that time in Josh’s dream of the swimming pool?

When I was writing my Neelix diary I was thinking up all these great ideas and it turned out to be four pages long. I have now started ‘Neelix Diary 2 Vet visit. NOOOOO!’ and I shared it my whole class because they love him.

My favorite characters are Chantal, Josh and Jake. My favorite chapter is ‘Going for Gold’ because Josh chose his brother over winning and it has a lot of good language and it is very exciting.

Please write more interesting books and please write back.

Yours truly
Kazza Ann Levick and Room 20

This is my Letter to V M Jones about her book 'Buddy'. Read it and make comments. Hopefully she while comment as well.

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  1. Wonderful letter, Katherine.

    You have included short, sharp sentences which are effective. You have made many personal connections to the story.