Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tasting Sweet Summer.

Do you remember tasting summer?  
I do!!   
Swimming with your best friend and getting sore from swimming? That was summer.  
Stepping on to the hot sand with shoes on and it coming into your shoes and burning? That was summer.
Lying on the soft green grass and getting dead grass on your shirt and your arms and legs itching from the grass? That was summer.
When you were climbing your favourite tree and the wind made your hair turn into a whirlpool? That was summer.
Do you remember sitting on the couch eating an ice cream and chocolate making a puddle in your lap?  
That was summer.   
Going to Camp Kaitawa and wanting to jump into Lake Waikaremoana!  
That was summer!  

This is my tasting sweet summer poem. I have based it on my own ideas and some of my best friend Paige's. (Here is the link to her blog.)


  1. You are a great writer, Katherine! You really think carefully about what words go where and choose the best words to give the reader a picture in their head.
    I like how you credited Paige for helping you to think of ideas. Sometimes we need someone to bounce ideas off. Miss Garland helps me with that quite a lot.

  2. I love your poem Katherine I could feel the grass itching me! well done Miss Mgooby :-)