Friday, March 2, 2012

More from Neelix. Neelix and the monarch butterfly.

“Where’s the camera Mum?” I asked her. I asked for the camera because I put a dandelion on Neelix’s ear. BUT when I got back he had shaken the flower off and had pounced on a monarch butterfly. I picked Neelix up and said to him.

”What did you do you mean kitty cat? You killed an innocent butterfly!!!” I took a video of him anyway. “This is Neelix. The mean cat that did this!” I swung the camera around onto the butterfly. “You are a mean puddy cat Neelix. Mean mean mean!”

Then I put the camera on him and asked questions. “Would you call yourself a murderer?” Then he flicked his tail at me and at the camera and got fur all over the lens and lay down by the fence.

I wiped the fur off on my shorts. Neelix had got up and left and I got a picture of him racing across the road. “Stupid kitty cat!!” I yelled out to him. I got the opportunity to get a video and a couple of photos.


  1. Awesome story Katherine.
    I love how you said "Mean mean mean".
    I can really connect to that by me saying that to my dog.

  2. I love your story Kazzy it shows your cats personality.

  3. Great story Katherine,and yes he is a naughty cat.

  4. I love this Kazzy it's so cool, your cat sounds really mean just like my cat Flower.