Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Snoopy the Robot letter to his family.

Dear Family  16/7/12

Wherever you are I want you to be with me. I love you and I wonder about you everyday. I want know how you are getting on, how little Nemo my little fishie is getting on, how Lila is with her new baby robot.

Not a day goes by without me talking to myself and pretending you are with me. So one sunny day I jumped on a thing that went ‘CLICKITY CLACK!’ It was going on a long metal road to somewhere. I clambered on and walked to a little spot to fall asleep.

Twenty minutes later the thing came to a stop I hopped off and looked around to see where I was. No sign of you guys. Suddenly I heard loud noises coming from behind me, I spun round to see what it was and the next thing I knew was I nearly got squashed into a metal pancake. Then I heard another noise but that was far away. I started to run. I just couldn’t take this place, it’s too dark, too scary, too miserable and too noisy.

I started walking and then I stood on a leaf and it reminded me of where I belong. Not in some loud, miserable, dull and scary place.

Please reply dear family,

Love from Snoopy.

This is my 'Snoopy the Robot. Letter to his family' We had a look at a little video called The Lone robot. Here is the LINK to the website.  I made the heart on paint.


  1. Cute Kazza!
    Your story is so interesting!
    I love how you said, I just couldn't take this place, it’s too dark, too scary, too miserable and too noisy.
    Well done:)

  2. Hey Katherine,
    Hi that is really interesting!! I really like how you described all of it!! So I was wondering why did you name it what you did?

    ~Makaiah from Missouri in Mrs.Allen's class