Sunday, April 8, 2012

How not to dress for an 80's party!

How not to dress for an 80’s party.  
I am here to tell you how not to dress for an 80’s party. First you don't dress as Michael Jackson crossed with a bird because you will probably look like a FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!  

So don't dress like Lady Gaga gone wrong. No spastic hairdos like an Afro or a Michael Jackson style. If there is dancing don't dance like an dork or you will look like a dork. A party is a public thing not a home thing. By the way you do not and I mean DO NOT put FAKE feathers on to look like a bird, a dorky bird that is.

Thanks for reading and please take all this info in and DON’T dress like a dork if you are invited to an 80’s party.
                                                                                                         Don't dress like this!

This is my How not to dress for an 80's party writing. It is really cool and please take in some info! I wrote it on Google docs.


  1. I like how you appeal straight to the reader, Katherine.

    You came up with a funny idea to write instructions on how not to do something.

  2. You give good advice

  3. Thank you I will take your advice.