Sunday, February 12, 2012

My cat Neelix!! :D

Naughty Neelix. How do you do it? Sleep all day and out all night!  

Everyday you are either at home sleeping on your chair or in your nest of weeds, sleeping in the neighbour's garden or in the orchard catching birds!

Ears back, tail up, about to pounce, BONG! Got the birdie.
Loopy and lovable. Like a sloth sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.

I don't get it!
Xtraordinary, very blonde.  


This is my poem called Neelix. It is an acrostic poem about my cat.


  1. I think I would like to be Neelix. I love to sleep all day. I love the way you have used the similie, "like a sloth sleeping". I think I will be a sloth when I get my new bed!!

    1. Neelix does sleep all day and out all night. When you get your new bed I think you will be sleeping all day!

  2. You can tell the details in this poem are real Katherine. I like how you use some short, sharp sentences and then use longer descriptive sentences. I am very proud of you making your own choices as an author!

  3. Hi Katherine my name is Gloria. I go to Pt England School in Auckland. You have used correct punctuation. I have a
    kitten Dill. Dill scratches my brother and I all the time.

    1. Hi Gloria! Thanks for the comment. How old is your kitten?